What is NicTrace?

Simple to use e-liquid documentation retrieval system that retrieves documents based on user input. The NicTrace™ system works as a database to store important documents for your company and allow instant access to your clients via API integration.

Uploads Made Easy

Uploading your documents to the server is a point and click process. This simple upload process allows you to begin assigning documents to lot/batch numbers immediately. Most importantly, our system reduces the amount of time spent training employees on over sophisticated file servers.

Instant Access Via API

The NicTrace™ system works as a database for your important documents. This system works on any website that accepts API integration. Customers visiting your website simply puts in a lot/batch number and all documents you have placed on the server will be displayed as available downloads.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your customers have access to important documents and information regarding their e-liquids gives you and your customer both peace of mind. Not if, but when future regulation is in place, manufacturers may be required to provide this information as a standard following cGMP.